50SOFB – E1

*DISCLAIMER* – This IS a true story, no real names will be mentioned.

GIRL – Alisha 
GUY – Tyrese

Tyrese and Alisha followed each other on Twitter, they never really had much contact until one day he must’ve stumbled across her Twitter. It didn’t take him long to slide in the DM’s.

It went from DM’s to Snapchat to Whatsapp, standard. But before we get to the Whatsapp stage…

Soon after the initial DM conversation, Alisha and Tyrese were now Snapchatting on a regular basis. Not much indication of sex just some light-hearted flirting and emoji eyes to saucy pics on each other’s story. 

Fast-forward a week they planned to meet up, Alisha went to uni in London and Tyrese (originally from south London) went to uni in Luton, so they were only a short train journey away from each other. 

On the day they’d planned to meet, Alisha took the train to Luton, Tyrese was apparently waiting for her at the train station, but, when she arrived (around 9.30pm) he was no-where to be seen. She called… no answer. She waited 10 minutes and still, nothing. Embarrassed, she walked back to the platform to get a train back to London. That’s when Tyrese called, “sorry b, I’m just round the corner, give me a sec.”

So, she waited… another 10 minutes. 🚩

He finally arrived. Alisha asked what took him so long, “just had to run a few errands b,” he said. 

Alisha tried to make it obvious that she was pissed, but it didn’t work, he was quite charming. They made their way back to his accommodation and much to Alisha’s surprise she had quite a decent evening, Netflix… and of course, chilled. 

Alisha, the next morning assumed it was a beat and dash situation so she got her things ready to leave, but Tyrese asked her to stay. They ended up spending 2 whole days together, smoking, watching movies, having sex and playing PlayStation. 

The second evening Alisha was there, she noticed Tyrese’s phone constantly going OFF, obviously, she assumed it was a girl so she confronted him, which is when he told her “don’t worry b, just a couple of man asking if I’ve got anything for them.” 🚩

Alisha went back to London the next morning, Tyrese had planned to come and see her the following day. 

So, this time Tyrese stayed at Alisha’s flat, she’d made Thai green chicken curry with rice and got a couple of drinks in, so when he arrived that evening she asked if he wanted any food, he did, so she asked him to stay ‘stop’ while she was dishing up their food, “put some more chicken in there,” “you may as well just finish the rice off in my bowl,” he said. 🚩

They both ate, watched a movie, it was only when the film had finished Alisha realised Tyrese hadn’t finished his food, left all the rice, but he’d eaten all the extra chicken he’d asked for. 

“So you’re done then?” Alisha asked, angrily while looking at the bowl, then back at him.

“Yeah, not gonna lie, I don’t like it when the soup touches the rice you know,” he replied. 🚩🚩🚩

The next morning Alisha offered Tyrese cereal, still mad about what had happened the previous evening, he said yes.

She gave him a bowl of Coco Pops, after eating one spoon of his cereal, Tyrese sparked up. Alisha found it odd, but he was a dealer and he did smoke a lot so she thought, maybe it was normal for him. It wasn’t until Tyrese started ashing his spliff IN the FULL bowl of Coco Pops! 🚩🚩🚩

“Are you ok?!” Alisha asked, confused as fuck.

“Ha, yeah, I’m not even that hungry you know, I don’t know why I said yes to cereal,” he said while he continued smoking. 🚩

Alisha was PISSED. She went to the kitchen for some privacy and called her best friend, to try and conjure up a plan to make him leave, her best friend laughed “this is exactly what happens when you buck yardies.”

That afternoon, Tyrese was STILL at Alisha’s flat, making himself way too comfortable and at this point had well over-stayed his welcome, all Alisha wanted to do was tell him to leave, but she didn’t want to be rude as she was in the flat alone, she didn’t know what he was capable of. 

Tyrese asked Alisha what her postcode was, she told him, then asked why, “I’m gonna order food,” he replied.

30 minutes went by, Alisha was confused she asked whether he ended up ordering anything, “yeah, it’s on its way.”

Alisha sat there, in complete disbelief. This don had ordered food to HER flat and hadn’t asked her if she wanted anything. 🚩🚩🚩

She’d reached the end of her tether, she Whatsapped her best friend, “do it.”

So, her best friend called her sounding very rushed and panicked, you lot know how loud iPhones are when you’re talking on the phone in a quiet room. Her bestie said, “Alisha I need you to come to mine right now, it’s an emergency!” No reason why, but that was enough for Alisha.

“Give me 30 minutes,” Alisha replied.

Alisha put the phone down and threw Tyrese his stuff on the bed, “I need to leave A-SAP and so do you,” she said as she pretended to quickly get ready. 

She walked Tyrese out, said her good-byes and called her best friend, “faaaaam, he was moving too mad. He’s gone now, waited for him to get on the bus then I went back to mine.”

Days went by and Alisha continued to air all of Tyrese’s messages on Whatsapp and Snapchat, hoping he’d get bored and stop but he didn’t so she knew it was time to end the situation herself and that’s when this happened…

Alisha became a “hoe” and a “sket.” So she blocked him on Whatsapp, forgetting Snapchat. Later that day, Tyrese tried apologising via Snapchat, Alisha continued to air him…

There you have it, episode 1! I hope you enjoyed reading! If you did or didn’t please let me know, I welcome all feedback (keep it constructive g’s).

If you managed to read 50SOFB E1 until the end, you’re probably wondering why Alisha didn’t lock it off at the first  🚩, I’m wondering the same…

Episode 2: The Music Producer, out next week! 

Do any of you guys have any funny f*ck boy stories you wouldn’t mind sharing? If you would let me know, my DM’s are open. I’ll keep it all private, no one would know it’s you (except me, obvs). You can even choose the alias’. 

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