adidas: Climacool® 1 – Grey

So, the adidas Climacool® 1 kicks… aside from being visually unappealing, some would even refer to them as ‘transformer creps,’ they are insanely comfortable.

I’ve decided ugly trainers are the wave.

These sneaks got their cool name (see what I did there) from the 360-degree ventilating system they provide that is built into them that keep your toes nice and fresh when your feet decide they want to sweat.

The shoe is also lined with one of adidas’s own development, Adiprene®.

Adiprene® is in the midsole of the sneaker which provides cushioning for your heel and forefoot.

I don’t usually go for grey kicks, in fact, I much prefer an all-black sneaker. But these stand as a slick statement sneaker with an all-black outfit, they also look great with a white top and blue denim jeans.

I also LOVE how they don’t have adidas’ 3-stripes plastered all over them, they discreetly belong to adidas.

I feel like these trainers are a perfect summer sneaker, not that we have much of a summer here in England, but they would look super cute with denim shorts and a white tee.

Although, I don’t know how many girls would cop these kicks, considering they are from the men’s section…

The grey colourway that I have has sold out, but you can cop yourself a pair in a different colour via adidas.


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