Reebok: Classic – Khaki

I remember when everybody had the Reebok Classic’s, they were THOSE trainers and I hated them.

Until I seen this colourway, the Olive (Khaki) colourway.

Initially, I seen them on Twitter or Instagram and I assumed that they were edited as I had only ever seen ugly or boring colourways in Reebok Classic’s.

I finally found them on ASOS in the men’s section. As you all know, I don’t really cop sneakers from anywhere but the juniors section.

I ended up getting these and I’m so happy I did.

The Reebok Classics are fresh, comfy, summer sneakers.

I’d say the only downside to these sneakers was that, when I walk the back of the sneakers always pull my ankle socks down, ALWAYS. Aside, from that, they’re lovely.

I only have these sneakers in this colourway, I personally wouldn’t buy Reebok Classics in any other colourway. Soon after I bought these khaki ones, I did buy a light pink/pastel pink colourway, but after not ever wearing them after a month, I sold them.

They’re currently sold out on ASOS, but you buy them via this (Euorpeian, I think) site


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