Artefact Magazine: ‘Knucks: his rise, his future and #NoDaysOff’


This article I wrote for Artefact Magazine has been by far, my favourite.

Now, I’ve not been living in London for very long so the City Mapper app is my best friend while I’m there. I used it quite a bit a few weeks ago when I took a trip to north east London all the way from south London to have a lil’ chat with Knucks, a U.K. rapper and producer who is on the fast rise.

Prior to my interview I researched Knucks, heavily… stalked almost. I read and watched all of the interviews he’d already done and I thought of questions from them. I knew I had done well because when it came to writing my article, I’d written about topics I hadn’t heard him talk about before.

Being the huge fan I am, I was quite gassed* for this interview. I knew one of the best parts of writing articles would be getting to talk to and meet the talented people who inspire me, and this was my first (of many, hopefully).

I got a load of positive feedback for this article, which was mad motivating for me.

Shout out me.

So, read it, critique it.

Knucks: his rise, his future and #NoDaysOff

Let me know what you think!