Stevie Valentine: The Gospel Rapper

@PapiStevie // @StevieBlessed

Stepping away from your standard ‘p*ssy, money and weed’ kind of rappers, comes young Stevie Valentine, “I go by the name of Stevie Valentine. I’m… actually I won’t disclose my age. I rap… I do gospel rap.”

I sat down with Mr Valentine to find out more about the rapper who took over your Twitter timeline when he dropped ‘Wifey Riddim’ and ‘No More.’ I wanted to get to know the man behind the mic.

Valentine’s musical journey started when he was as young as 3, he started playing the guitar, “The guitar thing is something my Dad got me in to, at first I didn’t like it but I picked it up again when I was older.”

“I started rapping at 15/16, I only started taking it seriously when I was 18/19.

Rapping, I did it for jokes at first, but then I actually fell in love with it man. Rapping, if you would’ve asked me when I was younger, it wasn’t something that was in my mind init, that’s just something I picked up later.”

I was intrigued to find out about Valentine’s up-bringing and how much of an impact it had on his music today.

“I was brought up a Christian, but back then, I just used to say it and my mum made me go to church…

I joined a church called First Love when I was 18, a youth church. I heard people doing spoken word and thought ‘I could do that.’

Before, I used to rap about stuff with no meaning, now I’m actually representing something, spreading the word of God.”

Musicians love to portray a lifestyle that they’re not really about, but Valentine soon cleared that fact up when I asked him: “Man! Anything I say in my songs, I live. Yeah, so if you hear it in my songs, it’s true.”

Stevie has released some amazing songs over the last few years, all so positive and inspiring it’s hard to choose which one is my favourite, but Stevie had a favourite track of his own, ‘Things I Pray For.’

“Every song I write represents the stage I’m at in life, but I had a different feeling when I wrote that one. When I recorded it, I recorded it all in one go. I just felt different about this track.”

During my interview with Valentine I found out that he doesn’t listen to much mainstream music anymore, he used to listen to Nipsey Hustle, Dizzy Wright and Joey Bada$$ heavily but he tends to steer clear of circular music nowadays.

Now, real Stevie Valentine fans have heard his ‘Wifey Riddim’ snippet (below) and listened to his latest release ‘Purpose,’ so it was only right I asked whether there was a special female in his life who was inspiring these bangers.

But, Stevie refused to disclose such information… *rolls eyes*

When it comes to young and up-coming artists I always find it interesting to find out what long-term goals and aspirations they have for themselves.

“You see them songs that you listen to and they just put you in a very nice place? I want my music to have that kind of impact on people’s lives. I want people to be changed by my music.”

Valentine had some wise words for fellow musicians who are on the come-up and in the same situation as him: “Make sure you find a balance. I’d advise you to put uni first, if you’re at uni. You’ll still be able to make music, just make sure you balance it correctly.”

Don’t worry, I got you fans too, I found out what was next on the table for Stevie Valentine, what he’s going to bless us fans with next: “Hopefully, I’ll be dropping an EP this year and more videos, I’m trying to make my music videos look like movies, so…”

So, there you have it, a quick low-down on Gospel rapper, young Stevie Valentine. Check out where to find him and some of his latest work below.

Twitter: @StevieBlessed

Instagram: @PapiStevie

SoundCloud: Stevie Valentine

YouTube: Stevie Valentine