Desthy Dee | #StudioWithDesthy and the Future


I recently got the chance to sit down and have a lovely chat with the beautiful Desthy Dee.

Now, a lot of you may have seen her on your Instagram feed or popular page and thought about how poppin’ her style is and how wavy she dresses, but let me tell you, Desthy’s Instagram only shows 5% of Desthy Dee as a person.

She is lovely, fierce and ambitious… and she is all about her business!

I wanted to get to know the real woman behind the cool outfits and perfect pout.

Influenced by strong women such as Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah, Desthy Dee is a 23-year-old fashion blogger and stylist; she has the dream job for many of you aspiring fashion bloggers out there.

I asked Desthy what made her start fashion blogging, what was she inspired by: “I really liked wearing nice clothes and I liked styling clothes, and from then I just posted consistently on my blog.”

“I didn’t know I was a blogger by name. I didn’t know what a blogger was, I thought that they get paid to go to fashion shows and write about the things that they see, take pictures. But, it all just kind of came to me as a hobby…”

It was intriguing to know that Desthy’s once hobby became her full-time career: “It was really rewarding when I started to engage and connect with my followers, they used to tell me that they were inspired by me.”

“Normal people can’t really afford a $3,000 coat that Kim Kardashian is wearing, but I was the type of person who would try to find it and scout it on high-street stores like H&M, New Look or Primark, and I would try and put the exact same pieces together but in an affordable way.”

“So, when I was hearing that a lot of my supporters were inspired and they respected that part of me, I was like ‘woah, this is nice, this is really rewarding.’ You get paid to post content by brands too, because you are representing them and I thought this is a good source of income for me…”

“I enjoyed shooting anyway, so I thought to myself, ‘why can’t I do this as a career?’ If I work hard and consistently enough for me to be able to gain income for the month, I’m going to do this as a career.”

“Because I was open minded about doing new things, more opportunities came to me and that’s how I realised I could turn this into a career, I can be my own CEO and work at my own pace and time and follow my own rules – I hate following rules.”

Desthy mentions how her parents felt when she told them that she had chosen to purse this career: “My mum was like ‘how are you going to make money by taking pictures Desthy? So, you’re telling me that you stand outside, by a wall and you make money?’ Obviously, it sounded ridiculous.”

“She cussed me to my soul when I told her this is what I wanted to do, but we kind of had an agreement, I said to my mum ‘give me 6 months, if I succeed and do everything that I need to do for me to be financially stable, let me carry on and please support me. If I fail, give me the worst 9-5 job possible and I will stay for at least 3 months.’”

“Within those 6 months, I had one of my first big modelling jobs in Miami, I was the face of a cosmetics brand out there… She’s happy now, she sees what I do and she supports me.”

Considering Desthy is heavily involved in the fashion world I wanted to find out which fashion designers she’d want to work with if she could, and this is what she had to say: “I think all fashion designers are great, their pieces are amazing but sometimes I take a look at their stuff and it doesn’t define me as a style blogger or as Desthy Dee.”

“I would want to work with someone who’s not well-known.”

Of course, with this kind of career comes a lot of tribulations. I asked Desthy what the hardest part of the industry she has had to endure to far: “Artificial friendships, artificial support and love. Drake calls it “Fake Love,” but yeah, there are a lot of two-faced people.”

“Artificial friendships, artificial support and love…”

“There are two types of people; those who generally support you, but there will also be people who pretend to support you but will clap and celebrate when you fail. When you’re at that point when you are bankrupt or at your lowest point, they are the first people who’ll clap and say ‘yes, she’s finally failed.’”

“Everybody has intentions, whether they’re good or bad and unfortunately the intentions of people in this industry is, they’re only in it to win, so if you are not contributing to their success, fame or popularity, they’re just going to use you for their convenience really… as a blogger, as an influencer, that’s what I’m trying to stand up for – to be real and honest.”

Now, personally I am obsessed with listening to music, all kinds of music, I just had to find out what kind of music Desthy Dee listened to on a day-to-day basis: “If you look at my playlist, on my phone its either trap music, old skool jamz or like ‘Desthy you are in your feelings’ type of songs.”

“I love trap music, I think it just boosts that energy in you, as soon as I listen to it, it’s like ‘Desthy you can do this you know, who told you, you can’t do this?’ It just pushes me to a different energy. But I really, really love old skool R&B, you know you’ve got the Joe, Donell Jones, TLC, Monica, ugh! They have my heart, I love it.”

I asked Desthy what advice she would give to other people who are trying to make a breakthrough in the fashion blogging game…

Be you, be real. Obviously if you want to do fashion blogging, keep up with the trend, keep a look out for what people are wearing, what celebrities are wearing, look at stylists and look at their PR’s. If you’re currently trending, people are going to follow you because you’re what’s popular, but if it’s just blogging in general, just be honest, be real with yourself.”

“Don’t put yourself out there if it’s not you, and if you’re not willing to keep up with this lifestyle in real life.”

What does 2017 have in store for Desthy Dee?: Well I’ve just ticked my first box for 2017, which was to have my own company and that is Studio with Desthy. The bigger picture is for me to own my own studio for #StudioWithDesthy and to have my own TV show, so I’m moving Studio with Desthy from one platform to another.”

“In 5 years’ time, I’m going to be 28, so hopefully I’ll have a Desthy Jr by then, you know, if I can find a decent man out there. *Laughs*”

“The thing is, what I’m trying to do is focus on my brand, my reputation, myself in general. Build my own empire first and then somebody else will come along in the picture.”

“Hopefully, in 5 years’ time #StudioWithDesthy will have its own offices in different cities, because I do want to be able to help as many people as I can throughout the country, at the moment we are only based in Birmingham, I travel between 200-600 miles every week, it’s a lot. So, I’m going to hopefully expand my team and my services. I want to start off with either London or Birmingham, and expand so then we are based all over the country…”

So, there you have it.

A lil’ lowdown on the fashion blogger and stylist we all know as, Desthy Dee, you can find her on all your social accounts below!


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