Rebel From Birth (Editorial)/Artefact Magazine: ‘Imarni Nails’

@imarninails // @rebelfrombirth

This was one of the first face to face interview’s I had ever done. I cannot begin to explain how nervous. I was extra nervous because I didn’t know my way around Shoreditch (east London).

All a bit of a shambles really, I soon found my way – shoutout to Google Maps!

On behalf of Rebel from Birth, I met up with east London’s nail art extraordinaire, Imarni Nails and had a lovely chat with her about how she started her entrepreneurial journey and what obstacles she was presented with while on her endeavour.

Rebel from Birth is a women’s streetwear magazine that is inspired by “ferociously independent women who call the shots,” independent being the main word here, as it’s one of the top three words that describes Imarni best.

Hit the link below to read the full interview and for advice if you’re planning on beginning your entrepreneurial journey!

I also wrote a piece for Artefact Magazine about ‘How to be an Entrepreneur in London,’ that features my chat with Imarni.


Imarni Nails:


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