D.Miller | The Rap Scene in Germany and Making Music in London


Yes, I’m back with another interview, this time with rapper, D Miller.

I came across Miller on Instagram and heard lil’ snippets of some of her tunes.

D Miller was born in Zambia and grew up in Germany, she didn’t come from a musical background so I was super intrigued as to how she got into the music scene, what prompted her to proceed in the musical industry.

“I started making music because I liked to listen to rap music, everyone used to tell me ‘you’re black, you should listen to rap and hip hop.’”

“I grew-up in a predominantly white town, in Germany, everyone had their stereotypes about black people, they used to tell me you should listen to rap music, you should rap… that’s how I started rapping and I started to love it.”

Personally, I don’t know much about the German music scene, let alone the German rap scene. So, I asked D Miller to school me on what it was like across seas.

“We have lots of ‘gangsta rap,’ we have a lot of people with Turkish backgrounds and middle-eastern backgrounds and they like doing the so-called ‘gangsta rap.’ Talking about their hood and their ghetto, but, we don’t really have ghettos in Germany- even though ghettos started in Germany, but we don’t really have that…

There’s a gangsta rap scene and then there’s I call it a ‘happy rap scene.’ ~laughs~ They rap about weird stuff… or they rep their city.”

D.Miller – Rivals (on SoundCloud now, link below!)

How’s the music scene in London different compared to Germany?
“The beats are different. I like the Grime scene, we don’t have that in Germany, so I enjoy that. It’s something different to me, it’s different from the American market too, it seems more authentic, it has a UK stamp on it- I like the authenticity of it.”

When I’ve interviewed females within this industry I’ve always asked about their views on equality, what they think about it and what changes that they’d like to see.

“I want there to be female rappers without them being compared to Nicki Minaj. There can be more female rappers without people saying ‘she’s just trying to be another Nicki Minaj.’ I don’t understand why female rappers always have to be compared to other female rappers,” Miller explained.

Obviously, I had to ask Miller about the Remy//Nicki beef, “well, I’m kind of glad Remy Ma did that ~laughs~, because it’s time for people to realise there’s not only Nicki Minaj. I have nothing against her, I listen to her music too, but, there should be more room for other female rappers in the industry.”

D Miller believes that men, particularly in this industry have it easier than women. “Men have it easier because they’re more respected and females, for example, when I was doing rap battles I hadn’t even opened my mouth and people were booing me already, as soon as I went on stage. So, us females have to work a little bit harder on it.

Sometimes, we also meet producers who want more from us in order for us to get what we want, they expect things from us- and it’s not always business related.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?
“In 5 years, I hopefully see myself being in the charts, internationally. Being a brand name, I want people to know my name, not only across Europe, across the globe- I’m working towards that.”

As everyone knows, in this day and age, social media is a huge contributor when it comes to self-promotion and being found by other people. D Miller told me that she too has decided to allow social media do its thing.

“Social media [is] big nowadays, that’s the most important source nowadays. Lots of marketing, engaging with a lot of people, socialising with a lot of people, because a lot is happening through mouth-to-mouth propaganda.”

Since the U.K. music scene is poppin’ right now, it was only right that I asked D Miller whose music she was feelin’ at the moment, “I really like Ms. Banks at the moment, I think she’s really underrated, she should be more successful, I also like Skepta. States-wise, I like Kendrick Lamar, J Cole…”

In the future D Miller hopes to “earn enough to go into the charity side of things to build up communities, buying books and more important stuff, for the kids.”

D Miller will be dropping some new material soon, stay tuned by following her socials below!

Instagram: @DiMillz
Twitter: @DiMillz
SoundCloud: D.Miller