New Music Video: Trillary Banks ft. Inch Section x Pepper & Spice

@TrillaryBanks6 // @InchSection

Real hot gyal she nuh regular…

Trillary Banks has dropped yet another tune for ya headtop, this time it features Inch from Section Boyz.

Aside from the dancehall-rap tune, Pepper & Spice, being a straight banger the Ade OG-directed visuals bang just as much.

The visuals feature Section Boyz too, surrounded by a range of beautiful, melanin poppin’ ladies.

I was lucky enough to peep some behind the scenes shots from the Pepper & Spice video, take a look for yourself…

  • @TrillaryBanks6 // @InchSection

PHOTO CRED: Exkluse Media UK

Trillary has been making mad moves recently, it wasn’t too long ago when she dropped Come Over Mi Yard, a tune that supporters went crazy for after the steamy visuals dropped.

As you can see, the visuals aren’t short of sexiness either.

Watch the official video for Pepper & Spice via Link Up TV below!

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