Welcome to ‘Chillogy’ x Deoba


It’s Chillogy SZN guys…

Two days ago south London’s very own Deoba dropped his debut EP Chillogy and BOI… it is a must-listen-to project.

I don’t know if it’s the way the entire compilation flows, the intelligent wordplay throughout or the smooth ass beats- but it really bangs.

Chillogy is a 6-song project that starts off with the Chillogy (Prologue), a intro to the compilation. The Chillogy Prologue begins with Deoba spitting that 2,2 game that you know you ladies (deep down) luh to hear, we’re then introduced to Nicole, Nicole represents us as a collective, someone who is “caught-up in the same situations we all face…”

My personal favourite is Henny & Chill, this tune features Canadian artist, Culture ’95. Deoba shoutsout all his east African tings, all his hijabi tings too in this song- I know he meant to shoutout his Indian tings too, I’m not mad.

Overall, the whole project is raw and relatable, I love it.

Although, I’m not sure whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing that I’ve been the girl in each of these tunes, at one point in life…  listen to Chillogy yourself (above) and see why.

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