The Come Up: Deuce Sparks

Deuce Sparks // DeuceNonFruity

I caught up with Leicester’s very own, Deuce Sparks- DeuceNonFruity to find out exactly what his goals are and what he wants to achieve while climbing his way through the ever-growing music scene, “my ultimate goal is to spread the message that I’ve been told to spread, or that’s meant for me- and take the position that’s meant for me. A lot of people right now are in a position and they shouldn’t be there.”

He writes, he raps- but if you think that’s all he does, you’re so wrong. “If you asked me this a week ago I would’ve said ‘yeah, I straight up rap.’ But, from now on I’m just me. I’m going to start doing some next shit,” Sparks explains.

“I’m going to be honest, people aren’t really going to be able to categorise this as “rap.” You can’t put a tag on what I’m going to be, just like you can’t put a tag on most things. Society puts tags on most things, but I’m just me.”

Now, Sparks told me about his musical background and though he doesn’t necessarily come from a musical background (aside from his uncle who plays the steelpans) he does come from a supportive background- especially his Mum.

“And my friend that died, Antoin, he’s one of the main reasons why I’m pushing this properly. After he died, I analysed everything and thought about the people that pushed me forward at all times, he was always one of those people. When I used to see, him he’d be like ‘make sure you’re doing this, doing that…’

“Nat, he was another person who made sure I stayed on this music ting. And Skizz, Kent- my Japanese bedrin, those people really and truly.”

Talking creativity, Deuce Sparks, is more than just a dope musician, “I like fashion, I ain’t rich yet so you don’t see me in all the shit I want to wear. I like animation, I used to do animation at university.”

After being in the first year group to be able to study animation for GCSE and after starting to study animation at university, Deuce Sparks came to realised how much animation tied in with his life.


“With my mixtape, the reason why I called it Real Life Not Animated Cartoons– it tied into my life naturally.”

Now, Deuce Sparks doesn’t tend to fuck with the British music scene, but he has his reasons why, he let me in on one of them, “it’s all fraudulent bullshit. Some people come through with natural shit, but at the same time everyone is following the waves.”

“I don’t think it’s authentic. Everyone’s talking that ‘bang bang’ shit, but no ones in the army, it’s not like that every day. Obviously, there’s a time and a place for everything, be angry here and there but not 24/7.

What I loved hearing about Deuce Sparks is the way he plans to project when he reaches his platform, there isn’t just one set goal for Sparks, he has way more planned than just to stay on the music scene.

“Wherever I can project my energy in a way, with all my morals- I’m all for it, regardless of the situation I know what I’m doing is genuine. Whether it’s fashion, animation, film, movies, shows, conventions where people talk, gaming, everything- most things anyway.”

We’re all wise enough to understand not everybody is genuine and not everybody has your best interests at heart. DeuceNonFruity agrees, this factor may be the biggest downfall within the industry he’s building his future career in.

“Regardless of the situation I know what I’m doing is genuine.”

Sparks explains what he thinks the hardest part of the industry is going to be, “dealing with the dickheads within it. People who aren’t genuine, the people who try and manipulate situations, the people who are going to try and take advantage of the character that I am and try and use it for what they want to put out to the world.”

It really is a shame how some people be, it’s inevitable. I do hope all goes well for Deuce Sparks because it’s only a matter of time before he blows, I just hope the world is ready.

Now, there’s not much left of 2017 (bless up) but how is Deuce Sparks going to spend the remainder of 2017…

“[I’m going to] start to promote my second tape, NonFruityTape*, try and get my name more out there, collaborate and network with more people. I have a performance coming up in December for some industry people. Other than that, just keep it moving, just do what I need to do.

Now for my favourite question, I love asking everybody that I interview, in 5 years, where do you see yourself?
“In 5 years, I see myself in a white t-shirt and some white shorts and I think some sandals, on some beach, with my hair tied up… I don’t know if I’m wearing glasses… looking at a nice blue beach and there’s loads of palm trees and I’m in some nice big hut. Just having an appreciation day, smoking like I am now, nodding my head, remembering this conversation like, yeah… I think I have some more tattoos too.”

Love that, most precise answer I’ve had yet.

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P.S. Check out Deuce Sparks’ performance on Wednesday 20th December, 7.30pm – 11pm at 2Funky Music Cafe, for more information visit 2Funky Music Cafe.