50SOFB – E3

*DISCLAIMER* – This IS a true story, no real names will be mentioned.

GIRL – Sash
GUY – DMU Dummy

Sash and DMU Dummy worked together since DMU Dummy had been working there longer than Sash when she started the role she sat with him to shadow how he works.

Their shifts were similar so they both seen quite a lot of each other. As time went on they became work friends, they’d sit next to each other on purpose, share snacks, banter-flirt (it was never deep), all in all, they got along pretty well.

DMU Dummy was very charming, on paper.

He gave no f*ck boy indications off whatsoever, but he did attend DMU so that should’ve been a clear enough sign. 🚩

Sash soon started a different job, she followed DMU Dummy on IG with the hopes that they’d stay in touch since they got along so well (and because he was a badders 😍).

A month after Sash had left her old job, she decided to respond to one of DMU Dummy’s thirst-traps on his IG story, she made reference to his topless boomerang, but he didn’t reciprocate the same energy.


So, she thought, anyway…


A week after Sash DM’d him, DMU Dummy, instigated a conversation with Sash via Instagram, asking how Nottingham was (since that’s where Sash’s new job was based), he was a bit moist, he used ‘x’ at the end of most of his messages.


Their conversation continued for days, eventually turning into flirting…



After days of DM exchanges, they established they were feeling each other and agreed to meet up when DMU Dummy returned from London, which would’ve been on the coming Tuesday.

Thursday – Monday, they had spoken all day, every day.

They covered a lot of ground from siblings, Church, instruments they played as children, university, what their long-term plans were and a couple of saucy pictures…

During their short and sweet conversation, DMU Dummy asked Sash whether she was looking for anything serious, she told him that she wasn’t looking for anything but she was open to the idea of it. She asked him, he agreed, he was “definitely open to the idea.”


Tuesday (the day DMU Dummy was returning from London), he’d told Sash he was back and was excited to see her tomorrow (he didn’t work on Wednesdays). Sash asked him what he wanted to do when they met up, he suggested they go to the park with tall hills during sunset… Cute.

DMU Dummy and Sash were speaking after he’d gotten back from London, DMU Dummy was working from 4pm-9pm, during his breaks at work he kept telling Sash how much he wanted to see her and suggested that they meet up that evening. Sash agreed.

So, at 9pm Sash picked him up from work, she was on the phone to her friend before hand and was telling her that she just knew DMU Dummy was going to suggest going back to his, but Sash was determined to make him take her on a date first.

When he got into the car, Sash asked him what he wanted to do, considering it was 9.10pm (ish), no parks would’ve been open and it was dark.

“Shall we just go back to mine and watch a movie?” DMU Dummy suggested.
“No, let’s get dessert,” Sash said.
“Ok, that’s cool, these are your ends, where shall we go?” DMU Dummy answered.

So, off they went to get dessert.

They spent 1-2 hours chatting over ice-cream and milkshake, then they left and went back to his. When they went back to DMU Dummy’s accommodation, he played pool with the security guard, continuing his charming ways with Sash and everyone around.

Then they went up to his room, DMU Dummy had a shower, traipsing around the room topless, then he put on a scary movie (obvs) and laid down with Sash.

They cuddled, spooned, he played with her hair and paid her many compliments.

And of course, one thing led to another, they got frisky. But, they didn’t have sex. Although, DMU Dummy told Sash he wanted to, she declined.

Towards the end of their rendezvous, they listened to throwback R&B tunes and sung along to them as well as to each other.

Before Sash left, she laid it on DMU Dummy, but since she turned his initial offer down, he turned her offer down too.

She was pissed, so she left, PROMPTLY.


Sash messaged DMU Dummy around midday, he read it and didn’t respond, however, he was posting on his IG story.

Sash sought reassurance from her friend, to clarify a reason as to why he was airing her. But, deep down she knew, it was just a ‘beat and dash’ situation, minus the beat.

Later that day, DMU Dummy messaged Sash on Snapchat wishing her a happy birthday, knowing full-well her Birthday was tomorrow. She thanked him and asked why he hadn’t responded to her on Instagram, he apologised “my bad, I didn’t even clock that I aired you…” he still didn’t respond.


Today was Sash’s Birthday, DMU Dummy was watching her stories on IG and Snapchat, consistently, in fact he’d always be one of the first 5 to watch all of her stories, it was strange since he clearly didn’t want to talk to her.

This constant IG and Snapchat story watching continued from Thursday up until the following Monday.

Then on Tuesday morning Sash realised that DMU Dummy had blocked her from all forms of social media. She found it really strange since he hadn’t spoken for almost a week.

That evening Sash met up with her friend, from her Instagram, she looked at DMU Dummy’s Instagram story and much to her surprised she seen a video of DMU Dummy hugging a girl that read the caption, ‘date night x.’

Sash was baffled, DMU Dummy had a whole bloody girlfriend! 🚩🚩🚩

Sash and her friend continued to do some digging and found out through Instagram posts on his girlfriends profile that they’d been together since way before Sash and DMU Dummy even worked together.

She probably shouldn’t have been as surprised as she was, I mean, he was a D M U attendee.

Sash’s friend worked at the same place as DMU Dummy, so Sash suggested the next day her friend should tell DMU Dummy that she knows about his girlfriend and that she has screenshots of their conversation. Just to scare him.

That’s exactly what it did, scared him, which then led to DMU Dummy unblocking Sash and sending her these messages…

As seen in the screenshots, DMU Dummy told his girlfriend and DMU Dummy’s girlfriend supposedly used DMU Dummy’s Instagram to message Sash to clarify what was said between the two of them… either that or DMU Dummy pretended to be his girlfriend.

A screenshot of DMU Dummy sending Sash’s Instagram profile was also sent, as proof.

Sash didn’t believe that DMU Dummy told his girlfriend anything but she also had no intentions getting involved to tell her either.

A couple of weeks later, after the dust had settled, Sash realised DMU Dummy’s girlfriend had been consistently watching her IG stories, 3-4 days in a row now. Both DMU Dummy and his girlfriend seemed to be quite obsessed with Sash’s social media stories…

So, Sash blocked them both.

Sash’s friend seen DMU Dummy at work and asked how his girlfriend reacted to him (apparently) telling her that he had cheated on her, “she was mad, still,” he replied.

Sash’s friend asked him what he’s going to do to make it up to her, he said he’d planned a trip for the two of them to go to Barcelona… as an apology.

Shortly after the conversation between Sash’s friend and DMU Dummy a ‘baecay 🌴’ picture-tweet happened to be retweeted a lot onto Sash’s timeline, it was also DM’d to her by various people who knew about the situation too.

Sash seen this tweet and also seen the people commenting, ‘goals,’ ‘must be nice’ and ‘God, I see what you’re doing for others,’ etc, however, little did these people know that these images wouldn’t have even been posted if DMU Dummy hadn’t cheated in the first place.

Be careful what you wish for guys, it’s not always wise to believe what you see on social media.

Episode 4: The Cheating Dealer, out next week!

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