50SOFB – E4

*DISCLAIMER* – This IS a true story, no real names will be mentioned.

GIRL – Angie
GUY – Jones

Unfortunately, I have no screenshots for this episode, I couldn’t retrieve them, so you can enjoy some GIF’s while you read instead.

Let me get right into it, Angie first met Jones in her second year of uni, she was given his number when she was needed to pick up for a friend, one tim. Angie had never picked up before so she had NO idea what to expect.

She went to the park Jones told her to meet her at, she took a friend with her, just to be on the safe side. When Jones approached Angie, he wasn’t what she expected. He was short, skinny and very normal looking.

Angie expected a tall, hench don with a gold tooth or two.

Angie’s friend told her to discreetly hand him the money and he’ll hand her the bag. So, as Angie prepared herself to do exactly that, Jones took his hood down and sat down beside Angie and started talking to her.

Jones asked Angie many questions such as where she was originally from, where she got his number from, why she chose to go to uni in London, he asked about her family, what she studies and what career she’d like to go into in the future, he seemed to take a real interest in Angie. But at the same time, she realised he’s ultimately a salesman, so his customer service skills had to be 10/10.

A couple of days later, Angie called Jones as she needed to pick up again, this time it was around 11pm, so he said he’d drop it off to her.

She went down to his car alone. When she got in the car he complimented what she was wearing, she thanked him, left and kept it moving.

Throughout Angie’s second year she continued to pick up from him and every time she did, he’d pay her little compliments here and there. Angie would reciprocate the same energy, she knew it was all innocent.

Fast forward to Angie’s third year now, the day she moved back to London and she met up with a friend, they decided to pick up.

At this point, Angie had 3/4 numbers that all belonged to Jones, so she messaged 2 of them hoping for a quick response.

He replied pretty much straight away.

Half an hour later, Jones sent a friend to drop off to Angie at her friends flat. Jones called Angie straight after to confirm they’d received their delivery successfully. He went on to ask her what she had planned for the rest of the evening, it was 11.30pm at this point, so not much she explained. “If I finish running my errands early, I’ll come and see you,” he said.

At around 1.30am, Angie received a phone call from Jones, he was in the area. Angie’s friend had fallen asleep by then so Angie took her friends keys and went to see him.

He picked Angie up from her friends flat, he explained that his car battery had gone so he was doing 10 toes. Though, his car was parked close-by, so they decided to go and sit in his car.

They spent two hours sitting in his car, talking about life. They had a heart-to-heart about both of their lives, what it was like growing up, siblings, parents, friends, Jones went into detail about how he eventually wanted to get into property management and how his current lifestyle is just a “pass-time.” Angie spoke to him about all sorts from her past too such as her previous relationships and how she’d just come out of a relationship during the summer just gone. That evening was the first time they kissed, they seemed to really hit it off.

Thereafter, Jones called Angie daily, mainly in the evening (between drop-offs), they’d have quick calls about how their day is going and what they were up to.

One evening Jones came over to Angie’s flat, again, they sat and spoke for ages about their goals and aspirations.

The following day Angie was ill, so when Jones called her that day he spent 40/45 minutes on the phone to her making sure she was eating right and asked whether she wanted him to bring her anything.

Angie really thought she’d found a serious candidate he was sweet, deep, funny, caring and a bad boy…

The next morning as Angie was walking to her 10am uni lecture when she received a WhatsApp from a +44 asking, “how do you know Jones?”
“He’s my dealer, why?” Angie replied.
“What? you speak to your dealer on the phone for almost an hour yeah?” the +44 asked.
“Listen sis, if that’s your man, take him,” Angie told the +44.

That morning Angie learnt that Jones had a whole girlfriend… of course he did.

Angie and the +44 continued to exchange messages, the +44 went on to tell Angie that Jones is disgusting and that this wasn’t the first time he’d cheated on her, Angie advised the +44 to LET. THAT. MAN. GO. 🥭🚩

The +44 went on to asked Angie many questions about what had happened between Jones and herself, but Angie didn’t want to get involved like that so she advised the +44 to ask Jones herself.

Angie text Jones to let him know what had happened and that she knew about his girlfriend (of SIX years by the way), he denied everything. “She’s my crazy ex babe,” he claimed, “what, you’re going to believe someone you don’t know over me?” 🚩🚩🚩

Whatever there was between Angie and Jones wasn’t that deep, so it was nothing for her to cut him off, that’s exactly what she did…

…until later that afternoon, that is. 🚩🚩

Angie received another message from the same +44 number, this message was aggressive, “Ur a hoe, how can you kiss a man when he has a girlfriend?” Angie recieved this message while she was shopping on Oxford Street and you know you can’t entertain both an angry yat and a busy street at the same time.

Eventually, Angie replied, “pardon?”
“He told me you gave him blow for crow” the +44 replied.
Now, Angie uses slang on a daily basis but she didn’t know what “blow” or “crow” meant. Considering Jones is a drug dealer, Angie put 2 and 2 together and assumed “blow” meant cocaine and Angie had never done cocaine.
“Cocaine? I don’t even do cocaine and wtf is crow?” Angie asked.
“He said you gave him head for weed” +44 replied.

*moment of realisation lol*

“OHH, yeah, I gave him head. But, I paid full price for my weed. As I said before, I didn’t know he had a girlfriend. If he’s cheating, that’s his business b,” Angie replied.

The +44 refused to let it go and continued to take it out on Angie. Apparently, everything was Angie’s fault and she was a homewrecking hoe.

So, Angie called Jones and asked him to get his girlfriend because at this point she was moving mad, “I told you ignore her, block her number, she’s just my crazy obsessed ex,” Jones told her. 🚩🚩🚩

Later that evening Jones text Angie apologising for what had happened earlier that day. Still sticking to his ‘crazy ex’ story, he told Angie that he had to go out of the city for a few days (🚩) but when he gets back he’ll make it up to her.

Over the next few days, Angie and her friends (obviously) managed to find +44’s Instagram, only to find that Jones and her HAD been dating for 6+ years with many Insta-posts of them with hashtags such as “#loyal #reallove #love #6yearsdeep #foreverandalways #justus” in the caption (lol) and that wasn’t all, they were both currently in Greece, living it large on jet-skis.

A week later, Jones must’ve come back from his vaycay, he continuously tried to hit Angie up by asking about her through her friends (who still picked up from him), but she made no contact. 🚩

As months went on, Jones stopped trying to contact Angie but his cheating ways obviously hadn’t stopped as +44 continued to call and text Angie from different numbers pretending to be Jones and trying to figure out if Jones and Angie were still seeing each other. 😴

Anyways, fast forward to today, Jones and +44 have recently welcomed a mini Jones into the world.


God bless… and enjoy I guess, to them and to you guys who read this episode (I appreciate you).

Episode 5, out soon!

Do any of you guys have any funny f*ck boy stories you wouldn’t mind sharing? If you would let me know, my DM’s are open. I’ll keep it all private, no one would know it’s you (except me, obvs). You can even choose the alias’.