The Happiest Moment in my Life, SO Far

I’ve been SO excited to blog about this topic. 

So, the happiest moment in my life so far…

Well, I’m 22-years-old, so I’ve had many memorable moments in my life, but I’ve never really cherished them as much as I probably should have.

One of my happy moments from when I was younger, I was a huge Lil’ Wayne fangirl (ūüėÖ) and I really don’t say that lightly. When I was in secondary school I used to make Lil’ Wayne themed cupcakes on his birthday, yeah… When I was in my first year of college my Mum bought flights to Dublin and tickets to Wayne’s European tour, 3 days before the concert date and 2 days before we were due to fly to Dublin Wayne’s tour got cancelled. I remember being in my college canteen, sulking like a little brat when I found out. But, new tour dates came out and I went to see Wayne in October 2013. This isn’t the happiest moment of my life, but my 17-year-old self was SO gassed.

Another happy moment for me was my 18th birthday. I’m close with some members of my family, so when I turned 18-years-old my Mum planned a night out. There was 6 of us who went out to different bars in Leicester on August 23rd 2014. We pre-drank at my house, 1 of my family members doesn’t drink so he was sipping OJ the whole evening, while the rest of us got brown girl wasted. We spent most of our night in Revs, we pretty much had the whole top-floor to ourselves, it was SO fun. I’d never been drunk drunk, it was a new experience for me. I mixed all of my drinks, I remember drinking 2/3 Red Berry Ciroc and lemonades at my house, a double Malibu and coke and maybe 3/4 J√§gerbombs and when we finally got to Revs I told the barman it was my birthday so he let me get behind the bar and make my own cocktail, we had a pitcher between us (that I later threw up in) so I had around 2/3 cocktails from that, I think I shot some whiskey at some point too. OH, and more J√§gerbombs. Grim. Anyways, the taxi journey home was the funniest, I sat next to one of my family members who were as drunk if not, drunker than me, next to him sat my family member who didn’t drink. The family member I sat next to told us he felt sick and started throwing up, straight after. I was wearing shorts that night and all I felt was hot liquid running down my leg, yes, his vomit streaming down my leg… that then caused me to vomit. We both sat there vomiting on… me. The taxi man was PISSED, in our defence, he gave us sick-bags with holes in them so, it was kind of his fault… anyways, it was a fun night, but that’s not the point of this blog.


The happiest moment of my life, so far has been birth of my now 8-month-old sister, if you have me on socials then you’ve probably seen her. She’s honestly, the most precious thing.

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while you’ll probably remember my 2017 blog, The First Time I Fell in Love…

In 2017, my Dad’s wife gave birth to a little boy who was sadly still-born. Not to go into too much detail, but it was probably the hardest time in my life, period.

A year later, by God’s grace, in May 2018 my Dad’s wife gave birth to the most perfect little angel, honestly, she has half my heart (my dog has the other half lol).


It is pretty strange to have a sibling, I’ve been an (spoilt) only child for 22 years.

I remember, I made a bet with my Dad on whether the baby was going to be a girl or boy (which he hasn’t paid me for, yet), I KNEW this baby was going to be a girl. I had the strongest inkling.

Despite what had happened the year before, I would have loved my sister unconditionally either way, but because of what had happened the previous year this made the birth of my lil‘ sister that much more special.

I don’t live with my Dad so I only get to see her around 2-3 times a month, every time I see her she’s changed, so much. I’ve never really been that close to any baby, so this experience is quite different for me. I love it.

I’m quite happy with the age difference, my sister and I will never go through that ‘beef my sibling’ phase, (thank God) although, she does pull my hair and smudge my lipstick whenever I see her and she likes to put my phone in her mouth (speaker side, obvs).

I feel like when I see my sister, I’m seeing myself in baby-form, not appearance wise, she’s light-skinned af, but she is the biggest Daddy’s girl ever and ever since I can remember I’ve been a Daddy’s girl too, not so much now, but as a kid I was, big time.

My Mum always beefs me about it…


Anyways, yeah, that’s the happiest moment in my life so far.

I think it’s quite important to reflect on good experiences in your life, especially when you’re feeling a bit down.

Fun, happy, positive experience always help weigh out the bad.

nkb x