Ibiza 2018

In September 2018 I went to Ibiza, for work (no, really).

One of the company’s partners (Party Hard Travel), flew my manager and me out to Ibiza for us to post content on the company’s social platforms.

The flights and hotels were paid for, drinks were provided the whole time we were there AND food was expensed back to us when we got back too. I guess, it was an all-inclusive trip.

I’ve never been on a party holiday, so I didn’t know what to expect. I think the whole ‘party 3 days in a row’ phase began and ended for me in my first year of uni (4 years ago). I backed Ibiza though.

The day we arrived we had 2 events to attend, our flights were quite early so we hadn’t eaten anything since 5/6am that day, but we got straight into it.

Ocean Beach Party

Ocean Beach Party

The weather was dull but it was still humid af. The drinks were madly over-priced too. The music could’ve been better, but overall it was a decent event.

I imagine with better music (music I like), cheaper drinks and nicer weather, it could’ve definitely been an event I enjoy.

The Zoo Project

Zoo Project was the second event we went to, on the day we had arrived. The entire day, all we’d eaten was breakfast and KFC (which was grim). Zoo Project, for me, was similar to Ocean Beach, the music could’ve been waaaay better and the drinks were expensive, not that I’d know because I didn’t buy any drinks for myself at this event. But, I heard they were expensive.

What was cool about Zoo Project was the event was held at an actual zoo. Obviously, there were no animals, but where the animal cages used to be, there were stalls and different themed bars and food stands. There was even a roller-skating rink!

The Zoo Project

All-around Zoo Project was fun, mainly the getting ready part. Most people dressed-up as zoo animals. We went to normal clubs after leaving Zoo Project.

After Zoo Project we went to an area called ‘the strip,’ which is basically a long strip of fast-food joints, clubs, bars and pubs. The first club we went to was called, Soul City, this was the best club ever, the music was SO good. There was such a nice selection of music from Wretch, Skepta, Burna Boy to Biggie, Drake, Cardi B and so much more good A$$ music.

Cafe Mambo

Cafe Mambo

Cafe Mambo was a… cafe (surprise), situated not too far from the Ibiza Rocks Hotel, where we stayed. People usually go there to watch the sunset. When we went there were loads of people, but we either missed the sunset OR the clouds hid it from us, but we definitely didn’t see any sun, set.

That same evening we went out again, back to Soul City (YASsSs). Soul City was the second club we went to that evening, my manager and I left around 3am, the people we spent the weekend with continued to another club where the main event was at, but we were done out.

Craig David’s TS5 Pool Party

This event was lit.

The best part was it was at our hotel so we could literally attend from our balcony. This event is quite famous, everybody knows who Craig David is, at this event he basically played all his old skool bangers as well as have opening acts and people who join him mid-set for performances.

At the particular event we went to, Mabel was the opening act and when Craig David was Djing Yungen joined him.

Craig David’s TS5 Pool Party

People usually gather around the pool for this event and initially, I went down too, but I soon came back to the hotel room where everyone was pre-drinking. With it being a pool party everyone who attended was half naked (in swimwear) and it was SO humid so everybody just kept sticking to each other. Not my portion.

Overall it was fun. I don’t know if I could (or want to) do it again but I’m happy I experienced it. I feel like I relived my first year fresher days.

While we were there we had our hair and body-glitter done by The Gypsy Shrine. That was litty too.