Nike: Tuned 1 – Black x3 & Olive x3

Let me introduce you to my favourite sneakers in the entire world…

Well, not so much introduce you because if you don’t know about these kicks you must live under a rock.

Nike Tuned originated in 1998, the OG sneaker has made a huge comeback over the past few years, now also known as ‘TN’s.’

Since the comeback of legendary TN Nike has dropped some wavy colourways, I have TN’s in three different colourways, all-black- the most common and classic colour, a triple olive (khaki) colourway and a wolf grey colourway, but I’m writing a different blog for those ones there.

Funnily enough, only my black TN’s are comfortable.

I buy junior sizes in almost all of my sneakers and there juniors U.K. size 6 as an EU 39 and a U.K. size 6 as an EU 40. My black TN’s are an EU 40 and my olive TN’s are an EU 39. Yes, before you wonder why I’m chatting shit about U.K. and EU sizes, it makes a huge difference.

Anyways, moving on… I’m sure none of you really care but, the purpose of the air-sole (the bubbles in the sole) enables stability and support for runners (and roadmen) when wearing the sneakers.

The revolutionary air-sole feature made its way into Nike’s footwear designs in the late 1970’s and have been added to many sneaker designs since. I’m not much of a runner and by ‘much’ I mean I don’t run at all so I guess many of us, myself included don’t use the shoe to its full potential, but just so you know, it was initially created as a running sneaker, not a fashion sneaker – in case any of you want to wear them for cardio purposes, that would totally work.

The links to cop the different TN colour-ways that I have are below!

Olive/Total Orange/Black

(no, not the same sneaker, but close enough (if not, cooler)).

Links to cop the wolf grey colourway will be out in due course.