50SOFB – E5

*DISCLAIMER* – This IS a true story, no real names will be mentioned.

GIRL – Sara
GUY – Demani

So, this story starts out like any other 21st Century love-story, Demani followed Sara on Instagram for a while, whenever Sara would post a selfie he’d reply, usually with the “😍” or “❤️” emoji. Standard.

It wasn’t until one day Demani actually slid into Sara’s DM’s with his chest, his DM caught her eye so she decided to have a little look on his Instagram, to see if he was worth a reply. He was.

After a couple of back and forth Insta-DM’s Demani and Sara met up, the first time they met was in Demani’s car, around 1/2am (🚩🚩)… You know how it is, a lil‘ back-seat fun happened to happen.

Thereafter, Sara and Demani continued to meet up, everytime in his car and always super late.

Don’t get it twisted Demani took Sara out out a couple of times, the first time they went out Demani took Sara to Zizzi, everything was going well until he admitted, “I used to bring my ex here.” 🚩🚩🚩

After a couple of months/weeks Demani and Sara had been seeing each other, they started to have some issues. Whenever Sara would try to call him at random times throughout the day, his phone would always go to voicemail. 🚩🚩🚩

When Sara confronted Demani, he told her, his “phone was broken.” So, one day when Sara was with him, she thought she’d test out whether he was lying or not and surprisingly, his phone didn’t connect. He wasn’t lying… about that.

During Demani and Sara’s relationship they had, had numerous conversations about their past relationships such as what had happened during them and why they ended.

Demani told Sara about his most recent ex, he was with her for over 5 years, his ex cheated on him AND his ex still contacts him now, telling him that she still wants him. Demani reassured Sara that he aired her, he confirmed that he did not respond to her messages.

4 months into Demani and Sara’s relationship he told Sara that there is a chance he still might be “in love” with his ex. 🚩🚩🚩🚩

Don’t worry, I know you’re all probably thinking…


You’d be right in thinking this too, but Sara was lost in the sauce, not even just lost, she was lost lost. 🚩

Blind-sighted and infatuated, Sara continued to proceed with her relationship with Demani.

Pretty soon after, as you can imagine, Sara felt some type of way towards Demani and their relationship.

They started to go on breaks, just to have time apart from each other. Sara would usually be the one to message first. Although, once Demani lied once about being in the hospital just so Sara would start contacting him again. 🚩🚩

Eventually, they finally decided that this was unhealthy and agreed to end it, properly.

Until a couple of days later, Sara received a call from Demani around 1am.

Demani sounded MAD panicked.

“Sara, I fucked up, I proper fucked up,” Demani said after Sara answered the phone. 🚩🚩
“Why? What’s happened?” Sara asked.
“So, remember when I told you that me and my ex broke up, well we never did,” Demani replied, hesitantly.

Demani continued to beg Sara to lie for him, Demani told Sara if his girlfriend messaged her to lie for him and tell her that Sara and Demani had never met.

“You’re mad, I’m never gonna do that,” Sara laughed, “you’re crazy.”

Sara hung up, Demani called her back. This happened a few times.

Demani told Sara, “she knows about us…”
“I don’t know why you’re telling me, we’re over and I didn’t even know you were with her,” Sara replied, confused.

Demani continued to speed-talk and through his rant, Sara heard the words “baby mum.”

BABY MUUUUM????!!!??!

“Wait, what?!” Sara cut’s him off.
Demani explained to Sara during his shenanigans, he had a 5-year-old kid with one woman AND a girlfriend AND me. Sara was baffled.

This is when Sara got mad, mad. Sara started cussing Demani on the phone after she’d said her piece she cut the call, blocked his number and on other social platforms.

The following morning Sara woke up to an Instagram-DM from Damani that she received on her other Instagram account that he knew about, “Sara, can we meet up today, please? I need to tell you about some stuff, I just want to be honest with you.”

Initially, Sara decided that she wasn’t going to give Demani the benefit of the doubt, but, then Sara decided she wanted to tell Demani about himself. So, she agreed to meet him that day.

Sara got ready and walked to their usual spot, as she walks to Demani’s car she realises that there was someone in the passenger seat. Demani got out of his car and explained to Sara it was his girlfriend.

Sara agreed to speak to her to see what she could possibly want to say.

The girlfriend, let’s call her Becky, Becky got out the car and was moving very hostile towards Sara, understandably, maybe she thought Sara knew Demani had a girlfriend, she didn’t, which Sara soon confirmed.

Sara explained to Becky that it was Demani who instigated the initial DM’s. Becky explained to Sara how pissed she was and how she was practically the step-mum to Demani’s child.

Becky asked Sara when Demani first messaged her, Sara told her and soon realised it was the same time Demani was on holiday with Becky. Demani had told Sara he had taken his mum on holiday…

Becky wanted to see the messages on Sara’s phone, as proof. While Becky read the conversations between Sara and Demani, Demani was trying to digress the conversation, but both Sara and Becky were shutting him up. 🚩🚩

After that was done, Becky and Demani left, Sara went home. Of course, Sara did the standard motion and phoned her friends to tell them what had happened.

A couple of hours later Sara had received a DM from Demani on Instagram, “he kissed you after he gave me head, so I hope I tasted sweet,” Sara was fuming, as you can imagine, especially after Demani was one of those guys who said he’d never give a girl head… 🚩🚩🚩

Sara almost replied something petty, but she decided not to, she took her L and kept it moving.

Episode 6: The Baby Daddy, out next week!

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