50SOFB – E6

*DISCLAIMER* – This IS a true story, no real names will be mentioned.

GIRL – Letitia
GUY – Marcus

This is a story about Letitia and her drug-dealer co-worker, Marcus.

Their situationship started pretty much straight after Letitia had broken up with her ex-boyfriend. Letitia had always had a lingering crush on Marcus, she thought he was quite cute and mysterious. Initially, Letitia didn’t find Marcus attractive, but after her female co-workers kept saying how they’d look good together, she started to crush on him… just a lil’ bit.

Letitia started off by flirting with him small small, eventually she stuck it on him. She asked whether he had a girlfriend and what his current situation was. He told her that he was single, so they continued to flirt.

It was quite a while before Marcus plucked up the courage to ask Letitia for her number, but eventually he did, that’s when they started flirting flirting just before their work Christmas party.

Letitia realised that Marcus had two numbers, she didn’t think anything of it at first. But, she soon realised that one was his trap phone number. 🚩

They spoke regularly on WhatsApp, the banter was there, the flirting was there, Letitia sent him a couple of dirty photos too. The chemistry was clear.

The first time they met up outside of work Marcus picked Letitia up. He drove them to an empty parking lot and they smoked. During these evening link-ups they’d smoke, talk and lips… a lot.

They didn’t get up to anything else, physically, Marcus told Letitia that he’d learnt his lesson with rushing things in previous situations and he didn’t want to make the same mistake again.

A week before their Christmas party Letitia and Marcus agreed that they’d go together. They planned their outfits around each other so they matched, it was cute.

Letitia seen potential in him, after preeing him on social media he came across as Letitia’s type and he seemed quite serious. Marcus was a few years older than Letitia so she genuinly thought he was a potential candidate.

Letitia and Marcus have the same manager at work and a couple of days before their Christmas party their manager found out that Marcus had a son. Letitia found out and was a bit thrown off. Marcus hadn’t mentioned any children, so Letitia had NO idea. Letitia assumed he was still fucking his baby-mum, so she confronted him, “are you still fucking your baby’s mum?” obviously he said no. She let it go, but she let him know if he was she didn’t want to get involved like that. She made it very clear she didn’t want any part in baby-mama-drama, she’s only 22 and she didn’t need that stress.

Marcus confirmed there was nothing going on, his ex and he had a baby when they were young, they were over and they were “ancient history.”

Fast-forward to their work Christmas party, Letitia and Marcus were together the entire evening, they were ON each other. It was pretty clear they were there together and everyone knew it. And people kept saying how cute they looked.

Marcus also told Letitia at the Christmas party that he was a dealer, but she already had an inkling.

Marcus had booked a hotel room to pre-drink in and stay at after the party. He invited Letitia back to the hotel room after the party, so Letitia went home around 11pm to pick some clothes up and they met back at the hotel.

They did some x-rated stuff… ate.
Then did some more x-rated stuff.

We’ll leave that to imagination…

Around 3/4am the next day Letitia’s phone was going OFF, she was receiving many calls from an unknown number which was out of the ordinary. However, Letitia’s brother-in-law sometimes calls her on an unknown number, so she didn’t think anything of it and didn’t answer any calls.

She went back to sleep.

In the morning, Letitia and Marcus were pillow-talking, he’s doing up lover-boy, “you look so beautiful in the morning,” “how do you look so beautiful in the morning,” doing up Ghanaian lover-boy. If you know, you know.

They did some more x-rated stuff…

The next thing you know someone is POUNDING at their door, excessively.

At first, Letitia assumed it must’ve been room-service, but there’s no way hotel staff would knock on someone’s door like DAT.

Remember they’re both hanging out their asses at this point after drinking so much the night before, so this pounding at the door is all a bit mad, still.

Letitia told Marcus to tell them to chill and go away.

Marcus puts on some clothes and looks through the peephole in the door to see who it is and his face dropped.

Dropped as if he’d seen a ghost. Marcus kept very calm, but Letitia could tell by his body language that something was up.

He turned to Letitia and said, “this is not what you think it is,” “this is not what you’re going to think it is.” 🚩🚩🚩

Before Letitia could say anything a woman from outside the hotel door shouts, “Marcus I know you’re in there, I seen you in there, I know you’re in there with a girl, I seen you with her last-night, I seen you. Open the door, open the fucking door now.”

Letitia was BAFFLED.

“Are you serious right now? You’re fucking serious?” Letitia asked Marcus.”I asked you a million times if you had a girlfriend. Are you fucking kidding me?!” 🚩🚩🚩

“This is not what you think it is,” Marcus replies. At the same time, the woman is still going OFF outside their door. 🚩🚩

Letitia gets out of bed, she starts putting her clothes on and packing her bag to leave.

Marcus opens the door and the woman outside the door pushes the door wide open and starts swinging for Marcus, she jumps on him and starts beating the shit out of him. They are fully fighting. He had her in a head-lock, she was still trying to swing for him, even her wig came off. 🚩🚩🚩🚩

Letitia was just standing there, frozen.

At this point it was 8am, she was hungover af and she was just trying to figure out a way to get past them without this mad woman hitting her. Letitia really thought this woman was going to spark the shit out of her.

Letitia knew she needed to dip, a-sap.

Once this women (who Letitia established was Marcus’ baby-mum) stopped hitting Marcus, she turned to Letitia and smiled. Letitia said, “listen, I had no idea. I’ve been in your position and I would never do this to another woman knowingly,” Marcus’ baby-mum continued to smile.

THEN, Marcus’ mum came into the room (yes, his M O T H E R) and started hitting Letitia with her shoe.

This could not run.

So, Marcus had to start restraining his mum and his baby-mum started shouting “look at you, you’re gripsing up your mum for a gyal, you’re a dirty guy, you’re a dirty guy.” 🚩🚩🚩

Letitia managed to dip. She just wanted to get the fuck out of that situation, she knew it would have led to the feds going there and she did not want to get involved. 🚩🚩

They were brawling in the hotel, at their big ages. 🚩

Letitia left and called her best friend and told her exactly what had just happened, she was still in utter shock.

Letitia walked away from the hotel and ordered her Uber. Still on the phone to her friend and waiting for her Uber Letitia sees Marcus’ baby-mum walk around the corner and pace towards her, Letitia said to her friend, “ok, she’s coming. She’s going to hit me now,”

The baby-mum replies, “no, no, I’m not going to hit you I don’t even know you. Did you sleep with him?” she asks.
“Yes. Multiple times,” Letitia replies.
“Ok, that’s fine, that’s completely fine.”
“So now what?”
“Nothing,” the baby-mum says, “he’s just going to get kicked out the house and he’s never going to be able to see his kids again.”
“KIDS? Plural?! I thought it was just one?” Letitia shouts. 🚩🚩🚩
The baby-mum just walks off.


As Letitia proceeded to block his number, Marcus walked around the corner and paced towards Letitia, shouting, “don’t go anywhere, stay where you are. I need to talk to you.”
“No,” Letitia responds, “you need to stay away from me, your baby-mum is gonna kill us both.”
“No trust me, she’s not my girlfriend. She’s crazy, she’s not my girlfriend. It’s not what it looks like.”
“I’m really disappointed, I really thought you were a decent guy. You don’t strike me as a fuck-boy, at all,” Letitia said.
“There’s a reason why you didn’t think I was that guy because I’m not. I’ll explain everything to you, just let me sort this shit out,” Marcus replies.

Letitia’s Uber arrived and she left.

A couple of hours later Letitia received a call from Marcus’ baby-mum asking her, “did you or did you not sleep with him?”
“I was in a hotel with him, obviously I slept with him,” Letitia replied.
“Oh, well, he’s denying it.”
“Ok, well he’s lying then. You’re really going to believe that? He was in a hotel with a girl and he didn’t do anything with her? Ok, go off,” Letitia said before cutting the call.

Letitia DM’ed Marcus on Instagram demanding an explanation after she’d asked him multiple times if he was still involved with his baby-mum or seeing anyone and he continued to say no, with the widest part of this chest.


Marcus called Letitia later that night and apologised. Letitia continued to say how embarrassing the whole situation was.

Letitia confronted the fact that he had more than one kid and Marcus confirmed that only one kid was biologically his, he just looks after the other one.

It was too much.

Letitia was really annoyed, she explained how it all could’ve been avoided if he’d just not spoken to her in the first place if he knew he had ALL this baggage.

They seen each other at work later that week and they spoke on their lunch break, they were civil.

Marcus suggested that they could still be friends, it didn’t have to be awkward. But, Letitia told Marcus she didn’t want to be anything with him and they should leave it where it is.

So that’s what they did.

They still continue to see each other at work. Marcus has slid into Letitia’s IG likes a few times since the incident, Letitia continues to dismiss him when she sees him and that’s that.

The story about how the drug-dealer, baby-daddy got caught and GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT *Chris Tucker voice*.

Episode 7 out soon!

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