Nike: Zoom 2K – White/Black

Alright, so the Nike Zoom 2K’s… at first sight, they’re clapped.

Until you really really look at them and realise they’re not that bad. Initially, I wasn’t too keen on them because they reminded me of them Balenciaga Triple S sneakers (I don’t fuck with high-end sneakers, not because I’m edgy but Lord knows I don’t have p’s to maintain that lifestyle).


I usually style my Zoom 2K’s with a pair of blue denim jeans with a black top/jacket/coat. Personally, I wouldn’t wear black jeans with these sneakers even though they would look fine, I’m just trying to steer away from the all-black every bloody day look.

Usually, I don’t buy womens sneakers, I always buy juniors OR mens, because mens sneakers is where it’s AT. But I copped these because I thought they looked cool after staring at them for ages online.

Nike set out to combine retro and futuristic feels with the Zoom 2K’s, I don’t know about futuristic but I do think they look retro, which is super new for me because I prefer slick, modern sneakers, everything the 2K’s aren’t.

Anyone who knows me knows I hardly ever buy white sole sneakers because who (me) really has time to sit and clean their sneakers with Colgate and a toothbrush?

(Oh, top tip, clean your white sneakers with Colgate for a clean, pristine finish).

I only wear my 2K’s when I know I’m not going anywhere that would require me to walk on grass or any type of dirty/muddy ground. I even change shoes when I walk my dog if I’m already wearing my 2K’s, no risk gang.

If you’d like to cop yourself a pair they’re available at Nike:

Nike (WMNZ)
Oil Grey/Light Cream
Aluminium/Metalic Silver/Sail/Black
Plum Dust/Plum Chalk/Pale Pink
White/Black – my colourway

Nike (MEN)
White/Black – my colourway
Deep Royal Blue/White/Orange Peel
Off-White/University Red/Obsidian