Inspirational Women P1: My Mum

Before I get into it, I’d just like to point out that no matter how moist I am in this blog, my Mum still annoys the shit out of me on a weekly basis so don’t get it twisted. Sorry, not sorry.

Alright, so my Mum and I have lived just the two of us since I can remember. My parents separated before I could even walk (we thank GOD) soon after this separation my Mum moved us to Leicester, from Wolverhampton.

You can just tell I was a brat…

That’s right, I’m originally a west Midlands ting, not that, that’s anything to be proud of.

So, I’ve lived alone with my Mum my whole life, she had me when she was 23 so, we’ve pretty much grown up together.

Now, I’m sure a lot of you feel like this towards your Mum too, but have you ever been a shit situation and thought of your Mum and that shit situation doesn’t seem as bad? Yeah, same.

My Mum’s been my rock throughout every sticky situation I’ve ever been in, she’s one of THE strongest women I know and I’m so happy she’s MY Mum.

My Dad supported my Mum financially when they separated but my Mum raised me and considering I was a spoilt brat when I was (was) a kid, she held it down even though it wasn’t the easiest.

Any issues I had a school she didn’t only back me emotionally but she was there front and centre ready to back her bedrin, if ever she needed to.

Anyways, back to how my Mum and I grew up together. My Mum had me around the age I am now and if I put myself in her situation, I don’t know how she did it. I could never imagine myself with a yute right now. Scary thought.

WAWU, look how pretty she is!

No matter what it was, if ever I needed or wanted anything she always found a way to get it for me, I’m sure like most Mum’s would.

This post is about why my Mum is one of the most inspirational women in my life…

Single-handedly she raised a kid while she was still a kid, she provided everything I needed and has been there for me emotionally, mentally and physically, forever.

While becoming the strong, independent, hard-headed, annoying, self-dependent woman she is today she also raised someone with those exact same traits.

My Mum inspires me to be the bo$$ a$$ b!tch she is and will always be.

My Mum taught me life is not dependent on a man. You don’t need an ozzband or boyfriend to complete your journey.

From family trauma when she was younger to the obstacles life has thrown at her, MY Mum made it through while raising me and I appreciate that.

A note to my Mum:
Continue living your best life darg. Remember God only puts you in situations in life because he knows you are able to handle them.

When life seems like it’s testing you, understand that you’re a strong, independent woman, with a lifetime full of mistakes and experiences (with a really amazing daughter) and YOU are able to overcome anything.

Thank you for being my heart, soul and my highlight of everything. Thank you for never stopping me from fulfilling my dreams and always supporting me with everything, even if you didn’t agree.

Thank you for being different from the Asian norms (if you know, you know) and accepting me as I am.

And finally, thank you for beating my ass when I was younger and steering me away from being the spoilt child I had the potential to be.

Every time I piss you off or you come home and I haven’t done something you’ve asked me to do I want you to come back to this blog and read this note and remember no one is perfect hun.

Love you forever and always…

(Your favourite and only child)

Naveena x