Nike: Air Force One (Nike iD) – University Gold/White

I love these sneakers SO much! I know most people won’t.

I created these sneakers via Nike iD, yes, I know, they’re not the most creative sneakers I could’ve design.

Initially, I wanted the sole to be ‘University Gold,’ like the rest of the sneakers but that didn’t happen.

As you can probably imagine, wearing these sneakers are quite hard as they’re such a statement colour.

When I do wear them I pair them with an all-black outfit (obvs) OR with dark blue, denim jeans and a yellow Nike crop-jumper that I bought TO wear with these sneakers… yes, it’s that deep.

I’m sure you all know what Air Force 1’s are and that they’re 100% a fashion sneaker, they’re rubbish when it comes to running or anything practical (except walking).

Don’t get it twisted, they’re a legendary sneaker.

Ironically, I read on the Nike website that Air Force 1’s were the OG basketball sneaker which is insane. I mean, I get it, I think, the sole is soft, comfy and cushion-y, but basketball? Really?!

Luckily, I fit in junior’s size so I paid less than normal for my Nike iD’s AND I had a 20% student code at the time.

I paid around £50ish for these fresh summer sneaks!

I would add a link here that would direct you to the link I used to create and order mine but, Nike seemed to have removed it from their website. Sucks to be you!