Review | Bad Boys for Life

So do you want the good news or the bad news first?

I’ll start with the bad since there’s not much.

The movie didn’t live up to the expectations that I had, but when I watch movies at the cinema (because I don’t go very often) my expectations are always high – so maybe it’s just me.

We’ve all watched the first two sequels and I’m sure we can agree they’re really good.


So, this film was never going to be as good as the first two – in comparison… but we move.

Now for the good news! Bad Boys for Life (Bad Boys 3) as a stand-alone film was a strong 8/10!

My first thought about the movie was its soundtrack – which bangs!

I think the music used in the film has been so well-thought-out – I love how Lorne Balfe (the music director for this film) has used the new-skool tracks and old-skool tracks at appropriate times in the movie… I guess he has one job, he did it well.

I want to touch on the elephant in the room… those who haven’t seen the movie yet – you’ll know what I mean.

Martin Lawrence is currently 54-years-old and obviously doesn’t look like what he looked like in Bad Boys (1995) he was 30 in that film.

I personally don’t think it’s a bad thing that he looks older (and bigger), In fact, I think the movie made just the right amount of reference to his age and appearance to make it make sense, though, I don’t think they did him much justice from some of the camera angles in some scenes… but we move… again.

I also don’t think it helped that Will (Zaddddy) Smith looked as good as he did. Honestly, the only thing that looks different is Will’s facial hair, otherwise, he looks THE same – although, I did notice he’s a lot less topless in this film (sigh).

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So, the film!

As I said, this movie was a strong 8/10 for me – the stunts were very Fast and Furious, the comedy was very Bad Boys I and II and the storyline was written mediocrely well, but I guess you have to appreciate that this is supposed to be an easy watch and that it was.

They made a small amount of references in Bad Boys for Life that only those who have watched the first two movies would understand, however, you don’t need to have seen any of the first two movies in order to watch this one – but honestly, who hasn’t watched them.

Oh and a little bit about the storyline without giving too much away, I really disliked one aspect of it – they made out to still be Mike Lowery a commitment-phobe… liiiike, at his big age, really?! Although I know Lowery is supposed to be a big-time ladies man I just thought they’d give him a babes in this film. Hmm.

One thing that did surprise me was the cast selection. Vanessa Hudgens plays Kelly, Charles Melton plays Rafe, DJ Khaled plays Manny… yes, you read right, DJ-bloody-Khaled.

Personally, I’ve never rated Vanessa’s acting in any of her films, from High School Musical to the range of Christmas films she stars in on Netflix – her acting is bottom barrel, but I have to say in Bad Boys for Life she did revive herself, I think action films are her forte, lets hope she sticks to her chosen genre.

Charles Melton also plays Reggie in Riverdale. I’m a big Riverdale fan so I was very excited to see him in this film (😍). In this film, he’s the funny, witty, short-tempered guy – who we all end up liking.


DJ Khaled… I’m not going to talk too much about this but his short appearance alone is reason enough to watch this film.

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I think this is def a cinema-worthy movie. When you go to watch Bad Boys for Life try not to compare it to the first two movies, think of it as a stand-alone. Don’t be sad about how old Martin Lawrence looks because his acting is still top tier.

Please be as surprised as I was at Vanessa Hudgens can actually act and enjoy a special appearance from man like Manny AKA DJ Khaled.