Nike: Air Force One – White

Baby, you summer-time fine…

Let’s be honest the only time you’re legally allowed to wear white Air Forces is in Spring and Summer.

Not that I ever abide by my own rule – I almost always wear white forces whenever I wear my Adidas original black/white joggers.

Not that any of you needed to know that information.


All us Air Forcers know they’re the comfiest sneakers on the planet… well, only if they’re the all-leather ones. If not, then the comfort is gaaaarn.

I LIVE in Air Forces, not necessarily the white ones but I have many colour-ways so you’ll always catch me in them.

What I love about white Air Force 1’s is how they make any outfit a summer fit… all-black clothing? Add some white forces and ta-da it’s summer-ready!

Though, there are a few things that really pisssssss me off about white Air Forces…

First of all, the fact that they’re white… BOI.

You will almost never ever, ever catch me in all-white sneakers, or white-soled sneakers because let me be honest after 3 or 4 wears they’re dun out. It’s time for a new pair.

Secondly, we all know Air Forces get creased as soon as you take them out the box and I have mad OCD so once I see creases it’s over. I feel like creases are super prominent on the white forces too. 🤢

Finally, people who wear black socks with white Air Forces…

Now, I’m not picky at all but I recently seen a guy who was a 9 in the face wear black ankle socks with white Air Forces and I can’t lie it brought his over-all average to a strong 5.75 – you hate to see it.

But, it makes no sense to wear black socks with all-white sneakers. You might have no clue why I’m no passionate about this but if you’re one of those people who wear black socks with all-white sneakers just try wearing white socks instead and watch your life change – you can thank me later.

Be prepared and buy yourself a summer-time fine sneaker today!

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Oh, and FYI junior sizes on the Nike website go up to a U.K. 6. So, if your feet are small, save yourself some p’s and, buy from the junior section.