Lessons I Learnt at Uni, That Had Nothing to do With Uni

“I mEt ThE lOvE oF mY lIfE aT uNi…”

I feel like this is long overdue… especially since I graduated over two years ago. I’m old.

I loved my uni experience. I had the most fun!

I was wild, reckless, spent too much money, drunk for days in a row, wasted peoples time (their personal problem)… overall, I am happy with my uni experience.

Like any experience comes many lessons and many blessings but I want to focus on the lessons I learnt while living in SE London for three years.

Before I start I’d like to clarify these were lessons that I learnt.

1. If you think you’re going to meet the babes of your life at uni – you are incorrect…

This sounds super salty of me, but, it’s straight FACTS.

Not once did I come across any person that I ever would’ve even considered taking seriously while I was at uni. Maybe that’s because I wasn’t in the ‘ready-to-commit’ mind frame but after having pondered in that mind frame, looking back there’s still no one I would’ve considered to take seriously.

During my time at uni, I witnessed relationships formed during freshers week / first semester continue all the way until final-year and then they ended – it could never be me.

I often advise my younger family members who are about to start their university journey that it’s really not that – don’t expect to find the love of your life when you’re at uni.

Fun fact: When I started uni I wanted to meet my long-term man because I wanted to have that ‘we met at uni’ love-story to tell my grandbabies but alas, God said ‘no.’

2. Dr!p dr!p…

Drip at uni is not essential.

Do not, I repeat, do not spend your maintenance loan on Balenciaga’s and red bottoms.

It’s not by force you need to wear a Gucci belt and a Givenchy t-shirt to your 9am’s.

The lesson here is don’t break your bank account trying to keep up with fraud boys.


3. Alexa play ‘I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)’ – Jamie xx


I moved to London a newly 18-year-old only having gone clubbing only once. I had no idea how to enjoy and be careful at the same time but, I learnt how very quickly.

I can’t stress how important it is to enjoy yourself during your uni years. Make friends, join associations and groups but most of all – be careful.

4. Organisation is 🔑!

While uni teaches you how to be organised when they give you all these deadlines don’t wait until the day before your hand-in to do di wurk. *Ce’cile voice*

I’ve always been an organised person, so this was natural and easy for me. But, I do think that organisation skills are a great trait to have during your time at uni and beyond.

Oh, I know that the title of this blog says lessons learnt AT uni that had nothing to do WITH uni – well this is an exception. This is me being a good influence to you, students.

5. Be a baller on a budg£t…

My advice from early on is learning how to budge your p’s.

I went to university in London so you know my money wasn’t stretching or doing back-flips. *JB Scofield voice*

I feel like budgeting your money is so easy once you know the basics such as batch cooking – something I still do now since my working-day is so long. Batch cooking actually saves lives.

Most meats are freezable (Google it first, please, I’m not trying to poison anyone) so you’re better off spending a lump sum on different meats when your loan drops and freezing it until you’re ready to cook it OR cook for the whole week on Sunday and refrigerate your meals. As a uni student, you can definitely do your weekly shop in £20 (necessities only of course).

Another great tip is allowing yourself a certain amount of mon£y for the week including a social fund. Social fund means money for pre-drinks, club/bar entry, taxi/tube money or even going out for dinner or buying new clothes…

…in my case sneakers and getting new tattoos on a monthly basis.

Accommodating for a social budget means you know what you’re spending and you’re not wasting money.

6. Believe in your sauce!

During my uni experience, especially in my first year, I found that many students thought that it was a pissing contest.

There was so much, probably too much talk about where people were from, whether they went to private or public school or how many holiday homes that their family owned.

I’m from Leicester, I went to public school and my family actually does own holiday homes, but because I never found it anything to boast about it completely slipped my mind whenever the subject was brought up.

Don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed from the background you come from or what your family do or don’t have. Believe in your sauce – don’t let anyone make you feel like you need to compare yourself to them.

7. Hanging? No problem…

I can actually back my liquor…

More time, I can drink a lotttt before it hits me – she says…

My favourite hangover cure is seriously the Naked Mango Machine juice smoothie – it’s genuinely a life-SAVER!

Bang this one time, make sure it’s cold, and voilà!

8. Pasta actually is LIFE!

Whether you want to be that girl (or guy) who does up wifey/hubby for guys (or girls) at uni then that’s completely up to you – although – I don’t advise.

But I learnt that pasta is LIFE – honestly. So, if you do want to be that person at uni then pasta is the answer!

And no, I wasn’t one of those people who ate pasta with ketchup but I did learn that pasta is so bloody versatile and it lasts FORever, I love it.

I am planning to write a blog with three of my fave pasta recipes. Chef NKB.👩🏾‍🍳

9. Home visits hit different! 🏡

This one is an important one. Before I moved to London I lived with my Mum, just us two.

After going through the rigmarole of moving out and settling into my then-new London life, I visited home for the first time for the weekend and it was soo strange – in a good way.

Obviously I missed being at home with my Mum, so this visit felt like a reward, going forward it felt the same every time. Sometimes I’d enjoy being home so much that I didn’t want to go back to London – especially in my first year.

But, I say to cherish these home visits because I’ll tell you for free that these one-off visits hit differently compared to moving back home after finishing uni…

Anyways, that concludes my uni lessons for today.

If you are a soon-to-be student or a current student (although, I don’t know how giving the current situation) then I hope I’ve shed some sort of light for you.

If you’re a former uni-student then I hope you can agree.

And finally, if you didn’t go to uni, please know that it’s more time a waste of money so don’t feel any type of way about it – you’d learn these lessons in life, regardless.