Buying a House: Viewing Houses

Right, now I’ve given you my top money-saving tips and you’re well on your way to saving that deposit money it’s time to start viewing houses. Don’t underestimate how long this part of the process will take. 

In July 2020 I viewed my first two houses. Luckily, despite the various restrictions and lockdowns in the UK, I was still able to view houses. I knew I wanted to move to Nottingham(shire) so I only viewed houses in the areas I wanted to live in. I can’t remember the exact locations I viewed the first two houses in or the actual houses. 

I do remember both houses were pretty old, but I was okay with that. I wanted somewhere with a little more character than a new build or townhouses. I despise townhouses and new builds – not my portion. 

I remember the entrance to the road of one of the houses being really narrow and all I could think was… I plan on buying a Range Rover within the next 2 years, how the hell am I going to turn a big-ass RR into this narrow-ass road. One of the two houses had a tiny driveway, again, one of my goals is to have at least two cars and with this driveway, this wasn’t going to be possible (I’m against parking my car on the road). One of the two houses had a very impractical garden. It was almost up-hill and then as you come down, one of the levels of grass was level with the top of the garage. Now, I have a Rottweiler, this would not go down well.

I didn’t view any houses in August. August is my birth month and anyone who knows me knows I would’ve been planning my apartment party. So, I took a break from being an adult for a few weeks. 

In September 2020, I viewed three houses. One felt so far away from Leicester which was a red flag, it didn’t seem close to any amenities and the vendor (seller) seemed way too eager to sell. The second house was just too small. The third house was lovely, needed work but still lovely. I loved the foundation, it had a garage, a nice size garden, three bedrooms a big kitchen and I could see one of the smaller rooms being a fabulous dressing room. I showed my dad this house but he said it needed TOO much work. It needed a whole new kitchen and bathroom and the boiler was a ‘back boiler’ which meant in order for the house to heat up or for me to use the hot water I’d need to put the fire on downstairs. CASH. LOSS.

In October 2020, I took a day off work and booked four viewings. That day I clocked over 600 miles. I’ll be quick because only the fourth house matters here. The first one was too far out in the countryside. I was really rooting for the second one because it was so close to Nottingham City Centre but when I went inside it was really cold and uninviting. The third house was a joke, I don’t even know why I arranged a viewing it didn’t have a garage or driveway, in fact, it didn’t even have parking outside the property. But the fourth house – the one I almost didn’t go to since I’d been driving all day – that one was special and I thank God that I decided to go to this viewing in the end. IT WAS THE ONE

The fourth house was empty. Newly renovated with a brand new kitchen, bathroom, boiler and carpets… it was perfect. You know when you just know? You know! I could envision myself living there as soon as I stepped inside. The driveway was nice and big, the garden was perfect – needed work – but so much potential! 

I put in an offer and it got accepted!

During my journey of viewing houses, here are some of the questions I asked and the things I kept in mind. I hope this helps you too. Here are my top tips when viewing houses:

It seems like a lot to look out for, but this is going to be one of the biggest commitments, purchases and investments of your life so you need it to be perfect or at least have the potential for it to be perfect…

Can you see yourself living in this property? Can you make it your dream home?