My House Progress PART 1

It’s insane to think that it’s almost been 4 months since I got the keys to my house. It’s even more insane how much progress I’ve made since then. 

I shared a poll on Twitter recently asking which blog people would rather have first… a blog about my house progress or a blog about what to expect after getting the keys to your house – I will finish and publish this second blog soon.

First of all, I’d like to say a massive THANK YOU to all the people who congratulated me, sent me well wishes and who were just all so lovely when I shared the news about getting a house. It was so nice to have messages from people who I didn’t actually know telling me how I’ve inspired them, asking me questions about the house-buying process and telling me how helpful my ‘Buying a House’ blog series was – if you haven’t had the chance to read them yet the links are at the bottom of this blog. And don’t be shy about complimenting the infographics, I made them myself and I’m very proud!


This is 40% complete. Only 40% which is crazy because I’ve changed so much. The previous owners were elderly so the garden wasn’t looked after at all. The grass was dead, there were 12 very tall conifer trees, the fences were only 3ft and worn, the patio was (is) ugly, there were 2 concrete pads where there used to be a shed and a free-standing garage and there was a breeze-block shed still standing. 

I had all 12 trees chopped down – most of them were already dead anyway – and I just wanted the bare minimum to maintain. My dad, uncle and cousins hired the tools to get rid of the concrete pads and came over for 2-3 weekends in a row to break the pads down and knock the shed down too. With this, I had to hire 2 skips… by the way skips are mad expensive, who knew. I had all the fences changed to 5ft fences with a 1ft gravel board. Essentially, 6ft fences all around which is very necessary because I have a Rottweiler. I felt conscious about changing this because I didn’t want my neighbours to think I was being anti, but they didn’t mind, they were getting their fences replaced for free at the end of the day. There’s still no grass in my garden which is SO much fun when it’s been raining every day for the last 3 weeks and my dog comes inside after playing in the mud… but this is part of the 60% that I’m yet to complete. 

I’m not going to give too much away about what I’m yet to do because I’m going to make a ‘My House Progress PART 2’ blog, but I’m very excited for my garden vision to come to life! 

some before pics of my garden – will share after pics in PART 2


This is 100% incomplete and also the least of my worries. I can park my car there and that’s the main thing.

80% of my driveway right now is grass/soil. When I had the garden trees chopped down they also had 3 trees to shop down at the front too, the soil from where the trees were have been transferred into the garden to help level out where the grass will eventually go because it was slightly sloped. 

Follow my Instagram @naveena.kb for updates, I usually post them on my Story or if you miss them, they’ll be in my house [emoji] Highlight.


Well, when I bought the house there wasn’t a garage so this is a big W because I’ve been able to add a garage to the side of my house, adding value AND blocking access from the front of my house to the back. Love to see it. 

However, before the garage could go up I had to get rid of a porch that the previous owners added to the side of the house. Only God knows why because there’s a front door. Luckily this was another W because I advertised it on Facebook Marketplace and somebody paid me for the porch as well as disassembling it themselves.


This was an easy one, the kitchen was already newly refurbished so all I had to do was buy kitchen utensils, breakfast bar stools and standard kitchen appliances. My kitchen is predominantly grey and white so I went with a black dining set and glasses with gold accents and my cutlery, utensils and appliances are all black too. 

In my kitchen, there’s a pantry where I’ve had a ball being extra and buying all the different sized jars from IKEA. I’ve even made bets with myself to see how long it’ll stay looking this neat and filled.

breakfast bar, pantry jars, kitchen interior, dining set

Living room

I was going to furnish the living room last but as I spent more time in my house I realised I need to get the living room sorted ASAP, otherwise, I was spending all my time in my bedroom (that was one of the first rooms I completed). My living room is predominantly grey with some black furniture. I’d say this room is 90% complete. I made sure that this room was very ‘me,’ in fact I want all rooms to feel very ‘yes, this is such a Naveena room!’

A little plug here, but I bought my U-shape sofa from the Sofa Club! I ordered my sofas on a Thursday and they had available delivery dates for the following Wednesday!

sofas, bookcase, my dog’s toy basket, my Biggie wall


Along with the kitchen, my bathroom was also newly refurbished and very easy to decorate – I went with grey and yellow…

I like it, however, when one of my cousins visited he insinuated the yellow was ugly and assumed the previous owners had left the yellow soap dispenser and towels and body wash and shampoo/conditioner that was already in there.

Master bedroom

Before I officially moved in I was spending a lot of time at my house waiting for deliveries and workmen so I made sure my bedroom was furnished ASAP so I could sleep, eat and work from there. 

Now I can eat and work from my living room, my bedroom is the epitome of zen. Full of very calming, neutral colours, I make sure I only use my bedroom to relax and sleep, keeping it as peaceful as I possibly can. I wanted to add a tiny bit of colour but keep the tranquillity so I printed and framed some beautiful pics I took when I visited Gullfoss Falls in Iceland in 2016. I bought an ottoman bed so I have somewhere to keep my spare sheets and duvets so that they are out of the way.

My room has a walk-in closet too. However, I decided to make one of my spare rooms a dressing room so a lot of my clothes are in there. My walk-in closet holds my Indian outfits, long dresses and coats/jackets. It’s great for storage too!

master bedroom

Spare room 1 (dressing room)

It was only yesterday that this room went from 20% complete to 90% complete! This is the smallest bedroom so I turned it into a dressing room. This room includes; a frameless 7ft x 3ft mirror, a Hollywood mirror, a trainer wall, a dressing table and 2 industrial rails used to hang some of my clothes. 

This is also where you’ll find I take most of my selfies. You’re welcome.

trainer wall, Hollywood mirror, me in my wall-length mirror

Spare room 2

This room will stay as a spare room and is 100% incomplete and I plan to keep it that way for as long as possible. I’ve had so much fun decorating, furnishing and making all the decisions for my whole house that once every other room is complete I’ll still have one more room to finish. Recently, I’ve been feeling like the whole ‘new house’ thing has been wearing off so I’m hoping to keep it alive until my last spare room is complete. 

I already have an idea for this room and can’t wait to bring it to life – I’ll update you in PART 2!

Another lil’ plug!

A custom piece from @artxcards on Instagram hung up on my landing wall.

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