Review | The Perfect Day to Boss Up…

…a Hustler’s Guide to Building Your Empire!

Now let me start off by saying I’m not a big reader. I need to really be in the mood to read. But what I do know is I prefer to read autobiographies when I do read, I enjoy reading them in the author’s voice, especially if I’m a fan.

*¬£10 to the first person to count how many times I wrote the word “read” in the paragraph above.*

DISCLAIMER: This isn’t Ross’s autobiography, this is more of a self-help/Ross-help book. Ross’s first book, ‘Hurricanes: A Memoir,’ is the book I’m reading now – while it’s not as good as this book – it’s a decent read.

Even included a quote from one of my faves!

This is Rick Ross’s second book and it was recommended to me by a friend – a Rick Ross fan. I, however, am not the biggest Rick Ross music fan, and I’m still not. I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to his albums or new drops. I mainly listen to Ross songs if he’s a feature.

But I can whole-heartedly say after reading this book – within 1.5 weeks, might I add – I am officially a fan, more a fan of him himself and his book rather than a fan of his music though. However, reading this book did make me listen to a few of his songs.

I’ve seen many tweets in the past saying Rick Ross music makes you feel like you’re also living in luxury or you’re living the same lifestyle as him when listening to his songs. And now I can retweet those tweets when I see them.

Reading this book was SO relatable. In every single chapter, I learnt at least one lesson or found it easy to relate some of the chapters to an aspect of my life.

*Tries not to share spoilers…*

In each chapter, Ross shares an example about how past experiences have taught him different lessons, and how they all helped him to “boss up.” It was motivational, inspiring and a great read for someone young in their career – like me!

Ross covers work ethic, sharing examples from his previous endeavours. I found this super interesting because he talks about why he decided to take or leave certain business deals and what moves he made for the business deals he wanted to secure.

He references how he spends his day/what he spends most of his time doing which was funny to read because in this section there was one point about spending too much time on Instagram looking at ‘your ex’s page’ which is (at the time) exactly what I was doing too much of.

There were many references to God too which I also enjoyed, so much so I got one of the quotes tattooed on my shoulder.

Anyways, 11/10, would definitely recommend. Order your copy via Amazon!