Nike [Tuned] – Ultra Cool Grey

So these TN’s dropped in 2017, and that’s when I got my pair. Pretty soon after the drop date actually. At the time I only had my hands on a pair of black TN’s, which I lived in.

I got my first pair of TN’s when I was in my second year of uni and I wore them everywhere, from my Sainsbury’s Local to 9am’s and the club – especially the ones in Camden. When I say I lived in them… I really did.

I thought the same would have happened with my grey ones, but quite the opposite actually. I don’t think I’ve worn these more than 10 times. I feel like they don’t have the same effect as the black ones did at the time, they look too prim and proper.

They are as comfortable as the black ones. You’re probably thinking, well DUH, they’re the same trainer. But the black ones I had were juniors whereas the grey ones were adults – and yes, it makes a difference.

I do love how the different shades of grey are layered up on this construction and I love that the colour inside the air bubble is red – I love a statement colour, even though you can’t really see it. But I love details like this.

If I were to rate these kicks out of 10 I’d give them a 8.5 purely because of how comfortable and trendy they are. They’re just not part of my top 5 because they’re grey and if you know me, you’ll know how much I love my black or darker-toned trainers.

They’re sold out at the moment, but you can find them here if they ever come back into stock.