PUMA by Rihanna: Fenty Trainer Hi – Black

I remember the day I copped these sneakers. I was in second year of uni… I think – not important. I was traipsing around Oxford Street with one of my oldest friends. We had no resposabilties or commitments back then, so what else could we possibly be doing at the time.

On this day we dined and dashed from Frankie and Benny’s, my friend cockblocked me and we ran/walked really fast around Oxford Street at 8.45pm for these one pair of sneakers that only had one UK size 6 in Selfridges (which closes at 9pm).

I’m the type of person who once I have my mindset there’s very little chance of you changing my mind. I wanted those damn Fenty Hi’s.

Anyways, at the time I’d never really bought anything from Selfridges – in-store anyway. I mean, I was a uni student, didn’t really have Selfridges money. Only to find out Selfridges have many affordable concession stands, I could’ve rocked those ugly yellow bags every time I visited Oxford Street if I wanted to, after all.

Similarly to some of my other pricey trainers at the time, I didn’t really wear these much. When I first copped them I only wore them on special occasions because they were my most expensive sneaker, but when I started buying trainers more regularly I started wearing these Hi’s more often.

They’re insanely comfy, easy to style, easy to slip on (no laces) and great to wear for long periods of time.

It looks like they’ve been discontinued. I don’t think Rhianna has a partnership with Puma anymore – that was a great run – everyone was obsessed with those FENTY x PUMA drops back in 2016/17, remember?