How I Stay Organised…

…ain’t no thing but a chicken wing.

No, really.

Let’s just cut to the chase… meal mf prep!

In 2019 I started working in a city that I had to commute to. This meant by the time I’d finished work, walked to my car, drove back to where I was living at the time, took my dog for his evening walk and come back it was around 7.30-8pm… and if anyone thought I was ever going to cook at 8pm after a 12-hour shift, they’re mad.

So, what did I start to do? Eat out. A LOT. Not sustainable.

My Mum’s meal prepped for years now, way before I started, so I thought I’d take a leaf. I started meal prepping on Sunday’s too.

At the time I only needed to meal prep dinners, they’d vary from pasta dishes and rice and chicken. I’d cook whatever was easiest and I’d usually stick to similar meals.

It wasn’t until WFH became a thing at the start of 2020 that I had to prep lunches and dinners. Even though I was working from home and cut out the commuting time I was in the habit of cooking on Sunday’s so I kept to it and just added lunches to my list. This is when I started slowly branching out with what I was cooking each week.

Fast forward to now, I still cook my lunch and dinners every single Sunday – or Monday if I’m busy on a Sunday – even though I’m still WFH.

I’ve also found meal prep is a great way to spend less money on groceries and eating out too.

Now I have an Instagram page dedicated to the meals I prepare every Sunday which I really enjoy posting on, I also add the recipe to the caption as well as the time it takes to cook them – you’re welcome.

You can find @nkb.cooks here.