Naveena KB

Hey guys,

I’m Naveena, 25, I enjoy writing blogs, customising trainers and cooking.

Here is where I’ll publish lifestyle blogs, sneaker-realated blogs, interviews and reviews. I’d like to confirm – especially since I work in corporate – all views are my own!

If you’d like to see or order customised trainers you can at nkb.kreations on Instagram. I also hand draw greeting cards and dabble in graphic design too.

And if you’d like to see what quick, easy and (almost) healthy meals I prepare every week, you can also find that on Instagram at nkb.cooks.

For the formal part:
I have substantial experience managing a wide variety of organic and paid social media, blog content on behalf of brands, dynamic creative optimisation and dynamic product ads.

I’m confident developing large-scale campaigns and working cross-functionally using insights and analytics to optimise content echoing the voice of brands for B2C as well as B2B content.